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How to Remove Skunk Odor From The Dog

Author: Jeff Nenadic

A skunk's spray is one of the ugliest smelling fragrances to the human nose. It is also the same with the dog. Even it feels the same when skunk sprays on it. When you hear a commotion in your backyard and find that skunk has sprayed on your dog, it is the time for you to get into action and remove the skunk's spray. The skunks spray is yellow in color and feels like oil. They spry when they feel they are in danger. Most of the times the dog ends up getting sprayed as it attempt to defend its own property.

Do not bring your dog inside the house after you find out that the skunk has sprayed on it.

It is extremely difficult to get rid of the skunk's smell from the house. The bad smell will seep into anything spongy and absorbent like beds, untreated wood, towels, sofas and plasterboard. First and foremost, check the eyes of your pet because the skunk spray will blind your dog's eyes. In case this has happened, the eyes of your dog will appear red, and this situation will last up to ten to fifteen minutes. The solution for this is, you will need to rinse your pet's eyes with a solution of saline or human eye drops or small amount of olive oil. After this first aid, take your pet to the veterinarian doctor.

This first aid treatment is very effective on your dog only if you perform this before the skunk's spray dries up. But, before you do this you will have to put on your old pair of clothes and a pair of hand gloves. This will prevent the odor from getting onto your skin.

After this you will have to shampoo your dog, during this make sure that you shampoo only the area where the spray is. You will not want the spray to spread around, right!

There is a combination of steps which are helpful in removing the odor of this spray.

In a big bowl, pour one quarter of 2% hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon of any type of liquid dishwashing soap with one-quarter cup of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.

This mixture when mixed together, foams and this is the best time to use it. Rinse the effected area with tap water after you apply this lather on the area. You will also find commercial skunk deodorizers in the market, but they are not always helpful.

In case the dog is sprayed by the skunk on the face, then very carefully remove the mixture off with a piece of cloth, while keeping it off your pet's eyes, nose and mouth. Make this solution only when you need it, and after the use please discard.

In case the skunk sprayed on your fence of your house, then there are commercial spray removers available in the market. To stop skunks sneaking into your backyard, make sure you keep the lids of the garbage bins tightly closed. Please refrain from keeping the dog food outside in the open.

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