Can you communicate with your dog?

My dog always trys to tell me something using a lot of different method.
I was just wondering what he wants to tell me...
This article helps me understanding my dog better.

Know Your Dogs Body Language
Author: Jeff Nenadic

Generally dogs use their body to communicate. Given below are a few examples to help you know what your dog is trying to say.

When your dog wants to tell you that he wants to play, he will stoop down with his front legs elongated, will raise up with his head close to the ground.

If your dog wants to say that the place belongs to him and if he is ready to fight it out, then he will keep his legs stiff and stand in an upright posture.

If he is slightly bending his body with his feet ready, then it mean he accepts the challenge and is ready for the fight.In case, your dog starts rolling on one side showing you his underside, then he means to say that, he does not wants to argue and accepts that you are the boss. This is a kind of dutiful answer to show that he does want any kind of conflict. You might have noticed this kind of a posture when a dog is among a pack of dogs, showing that he obeys his leader. And if he starts rolling onto his back and rubbing it then he means that he accepts you as a leader.

If you find your dog keeping his head or paw on another dogs shoulder, then it means that he wants to sort out as to who the boss is. These indications are usually found in dogs who are very dominant, who are leaders of the pack or aspirants to become leaders.

Mouthing: This kind of body language is commonly found in dogs while they interact with humans. They will mouth your hands, when you walk along with them showing you the lead. Mouthing may be a serious sign of showing how dominant they are, and that they are not happy in accepting a human as their leader.

If he places his mouth on your knee, then he is looking for your attention. However he has many ways to seek attention from you like showing their paws in front of you or slowly sliding their head on your hands.

Bristles of hair on the shoulders and back: It is a signal of foreseen assault. A crease of hair raging down his back means that he is angry and does not want him to be pushed. In case the raging extends to his shoulders he means to say that he has had enough of you and it is an indication of immediate attack.

If your dog is sitting and holding his front paw slightly upwards then he means that, he feels insecure and stressed out. It also means that he is feeling uneasy, agitated and interested.

If he starts rolling onto his back and rubbing his body on the ground or if he is rubbing his nose and eyes with his front paw, he means to say that his master is preparing food for him or he does this sometimes when he looking forward to some pleasing activities.

Many a times the dog will scrape the floor when he has defecated. The glands that are present at the bottom of the dogs feet have a different scent. In this case he means to say that he is available and is leaving his card.

Written by Jeff Nenadic from My Dog Shop
Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_872923_54.html

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