Preventing and Dealing With Dog Constipation

Preventing and Dealing With Dog Constipation

Author: Cristian Stan

Constipation is something that everyone experiences in their lives, even dogs. When they don't have the right diet or they don't exercise enough, constipation can show up just as it appears in humans. This article will give you some solutions for your dog's problem.

As I said before, the right diet and regular exercise are very important in making sure that the dog doesn't have problems with their bowels. For a house dog, this means that they should be walked outside at least twice a day, while giving them the right diet. If he is constipated, a solution might be the addition of a teaspoon or two of bran in his meals. This makes the stool moister.

Softening the dog's stool can also be achieved with psyllium added to their food. Used twice a day, half a teaspoon, plus giving him enough water should do the trick. Another possible solution is using mineral oil. Mineral oil might be a good idea when there is too much hard stool built up. The treatment should only last for 7 days and it should consist of two teaspoons of mineral oil, administered twice a day. You can also add water to the food to make it moist and for older dogs you can also add vegetables and raw meat to the diet.

Some things might let you know in advance that the dog will have problems in this area. If the dog has long hair, the feces can get entangled, so make sure the dog is groomed properly. Since dogs will often eat anything they can find, make sure they don't ingest things they shouldn't. Dogs can also get constipated because of medications, just as humans do. Stress can be another factor that will contribute to constipation.

Constipation can be a problem for dogs of all ages and breeds, but there are some things you should take into consideration and avoid doing. One of these is giving dogs food from your dinner table. Scraps are OK from time to time, but remember that they can provoke constipation or at least contribute to it.

If the food has sugar, flour, dairy or rice in it, then it can be the cause of the constipation. Don't give the dog cookies, chocolate, ice cream or bread, as it's not a food they are used to eating. As I said before, if the dog doesn't drink enough water or has enough fiber in their diet, they can have problems with constipation. In some cases the reason will be a medical condition where the colon is inflamed.

If you see that the dog's constipation turns to blood passing in small amounts, decreased appetite or lethargy, then it's time to visit the vet. Make sure that you take care of your dog at all times and you don't contribute to his health problems. Since the dog will love you no matter what, you are the one responsible for his health. Make sure he isn't stressed and give him the exercise and the diet that he needs.

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